Welcome to the Orbost Region

Welcome to the Orbost Region, our little treasure. Orbost Region is located on the delta of the Snowy River and is surrounded by the pristine natural beauty of several State and National Parks. It is within minutes of wild, un-spoilt beaches at Corringle, and is only a short drive away from the coastal community of Marlo which offers a wide range of ocean, river and estuarine activities.

Once a major timber hub, Orbost Region's main role now is in the provision of support services for a broad ranging agricultural industry, as well as an expanding recreational tourism industry. Residents of the district enjoy a relaxed, comfortable lifestyle, with excellent health services and diverse sporting and cultural activities


The lush, green Orbost Region of East Gippsland has long been recognized as a prime farming area, as well as for the un-spoilt beauty of its coasts, rivers and ancient forests.

Fishermen, caravanners and campers return again and again to enjoy the temperate climate, with plenty of balmy Summer evenings providing a relaxed comfortable lifestyle.

Proud home gardeners love the long growing season, very few frosty nights and no water restrictions.


A stroll on the beach, a coffee with friends, perhaps some relaxed fishing, bushwalking or simply kicking back! The Orbost Region has it all packaged into a serene lifestyle just waiting for you to enjoy.

Locals to the Orbost Region take in some of the country’s best forest, river and coast line every single day and you are invited to come and experience it for yourself. The Orbost Region, treat yourself to some of the very best landscape and living Australia has to offer.

Orbost Region

Come and Enjoy a Relaxed and Comfortable Lifestyle


Orbost, Vic

Sunny Humidity: 70%
Wind: NNW at 28.97 km/h
8°C / 13°C
5°C / 13°C