Paddle Orbost Region

The waterways of Far East Gippsland form extended waterways as the sand dune dominated coastline holds their waters back from flowing into the sea. This has created an extensive network of quiet waterways that are perfect for paddling by kayak or SUP.

For those who like their water to be moving the Snowy River is an epic multi day raft or paddle from NSW right down to where it meets the sea at Marlo.


Places to launch your canoe or paddle board in the Orbost Region:

Snowy River Estuary: Put in at the Marlo Jetty and foreshore, Corringle Slips and the Brodribb Boat Ramp. Further upstream, but still on very calm water except in flood events you can launch at Orbost and the Lochend Boat Ramp. The Estuary is an extensive and quite open waterway: explore the mouth of the Snowy ( with due care for tidal and river currents near the mouth), Frenches Narrows, Lake Corringle, and the labyrinth channels the river has formed.

Brodribb River. Launch at the Brodribb boat ramp to paddle 7 km upstream to Lake Curlip, and wild shallow lake teeming with birdlife. On the way you’ll pass a sea eagles permanent nesting site in the Brodribb Rainforest, the historic Richardson mill site, and if you are sharp eyed, slip between the rushes up the narrow channel that is Cabbage Tree Creek and be rewarded where the creek widens into a large lagoon. All of this is largely inaccessible by car – enjoy the solitude.

Yeerung River. Past Cape Conran, this short waterway is a gem. Surrounded by forest, and mostly closed off from the sea, launch at the dedicated Canoe Launching site and either paddle upstream as far as you can through the ever narrowing creek, or stay in the wide waterway down to the beach.

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