Living in Orbost

Living in the Orbost Region

Orbost, Marlo and the surrounding region offer the rare trifecta of outstanding natural environment climate, affordable real estate and opportunity: it’s location, beauty and the evolving food and beverage scene in East Gippsland means that Orbost is the Next Big Thing that no one has heard about yet.

If you looking for the place make the tree/ sea change and bring your ideas to life, there is a good chance the Orbost region is the place to do it. Contact (link to contact page) our local business community to talk to someone who lives here about the opportunities waiting.

In 2021 the Future of Orbost and District Project was initiated, supported by the  Gippsland Smart Specialisation team. This multi year project will leverage innovation to drive new economic opportunities as the native timber industry is phased out by 2030. Now is an exciting time to be living in the Orbost region.


What is daily life like in Orbost?

Traffic lights: Nil.
Shopping malls: Nil.
Multi story carparks: Nil.
Average commute time: 1 minute by car, 5 minutes by bicycle.
People who wave and smile at you: Lots.
Big gardens and trees: Everyone has them.
Milky Way: Nearly every night.
Beach and River Swimming: Right on the doorstep, no crowds.


Climate Orbost Region

Proximity to the sea gives the Orbost region a superb climate, avoiding extremes of heat and cold in summer and winter. Situated close to the East Coast and Tasman sea, the area’s climate is more like that of the NSW South Coast than Melbourne.
Average rainfall is distributed throughout the year, so in a typical year the farmland is green from March to December.
 Bureau of Meterology Orbost weather forecast


Health Services Orbost Region.

Orbost Regional Health  is a multi purpose service and the town’s largest employer. It provides the town with a spectrum of health services from Medical Clinic, Allied Health, community services, Acute care and Aged care facilities.


Education Orbost Region

Primary schools in Orbost, Marlo and the nearby Newmeralla all feed into Orbost Secondary College.

Marlo is the site the Snowy River Campus of the School for Student Leadership ( link to which runs residential programs for year nine students from state secondary schools across Victoria.