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Future of Orbost and District Project - Networking Night

DATE TBA - Postponed due to COVID Lockdown

6:30pm - 8:30pm

Marlo Hotel, 19 Argyle Parade, Marlo

To register your interest in attending call or text Tim on 0419 040 469 or email tim.cotter@orbostregion.com.au

RSVP before Monday 20th July 2021


Gippslandia feature articles on the Future of Orbost and district project

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Map of Orbost and District Project coverage area:
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Future of Orbost and District Project underway

March 2021


The Orbost & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry are pleased to announce the appointment of Tim Cotter to look at the future economic options for Orbost and district.This is particularly timely given the challenges that the district will face in the future as the timber industry is transitioning.

Tim grew up in Orbost and completed his schooling at the Orbost Secondary College before moving to Canberra to attend University. Tim has tracked a path through economic development and government administration roles most recently based in Newcastle as the Regional Manager for the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.

The role which is employed through the Orbost & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry will see an initial 12-month project begin with a discovery process involving industry, education, community and government to discover innovation opportunities for further development. Tim will be seeking to engage with as many members of the community as he can. The project demands that the local community are involved in the identification of innovation opportunities in the region as the foundation for developing a competitive regional economy.

The project is funded through the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions andhas the support of a range ofpartners who have expertise in community economic transition including the Latrobe Valley Authority, theUniversity of Melbourne and RMIT. 

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Tim Cotter: Project Leader, Future of Orbost and district project, Snowy River Mail.

Orbost and District Networking Night

April 2021

On Thursday 28th April a networking night was held at the Orbost Club with local project participants joined by Latrobe Valley Authority CEO, Karen Cain and Director of Economic Development, Mike Timpano, East Gippsland Shire Council CEO Anthony Bamford, Mayor Cr Mendy Urie, Deputy Mayor Cr Mark Reeves, Cr Arthur Allen and Cr Tom Crook. 

An update on the project was provided on the evening along with two entertaining and informative Q&A sessions with Sallie Jones and Steve Ronalds from Gippsland Jersey and local dairy farmer Alistair Steel, providing an insight into his newly installed 4-unit robotic dairy on the Marlo Road.

The evening had over 50 attendees and provided an opportunity for local participants to talk about a range of current projects taking place in Orbost and district. The events will be scheduled on a quarterly basis to enable those engaged in the project to network outside of the typical workshops and meetings that take place as the project moves through the design process.
Tim and Mayor EGShire
Networking Night Photos
Orbost Networking night attendeees as featured in the Snowy River Mail, 5 May 2021.

Future of Orbost and District project update

May 2021
A new placed-based smart specialisation strategy project has commenced in Gippsland with the Future of Orbost and district project joining the Gippsland Smart Specialisation stable. Specifically engaged to discover opportunities for the district as it undergoes a period of timber industry transition, Mr Tim Cotter, raised in Orbost has returned to his home town to conduct the context analysis phase of the project. Employed by the Orbost & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry Tim has been busy engaging with members of the community, industry, education and government sectors spending time in Bemm River, Cabbage Tree, Marlo, Orbost and Newmerella. Tim has conducted interviews with over 50 individuals and organisations so far as part of the first phase of the project known as the regional context analysis. This phase is based around exploring the regions economic, social and environmental characteristics, building relationships, finding opportunities for collaboration, identifying innovation opportunities and understanding the regions potential for growth.

Tim has stated that he has been “overwhelmed with the level of enthusiasm and energy from the individuals and organisations that he has met with to date and that from all corners of the region he has heard the amazing entrepreneurial mindset of residents of Orbost and region”. 

“Various initiatives have been discussed around agriculture, tourism, education, health and more and the opportunities for the region are very exciting,” said Tim.
Tim Bruce Chris
Professor Bruce Wilson, RMIT University, Tim Cotter Project Leader, Future of Orbost and district project meet with local farmer Chris Nixon to discuss potential options for innovation in the agricultural sector in the district, Snowy River Mail.

 Wednesday 9th June 20219 June 2021

Article from the Snowy River Mail


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