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We aim to keep the community and stakeholders updated on the project as it develops - including media releases. We thank the Snowy River Mail for fantastic local coverage of the project.

Media Releases

Thinking big while going tiny in the visitor economy - May 2024

The Future of Orbost & District Project is hosting a forum that's all about thinking big while going tiny.  The forum will explore the potential for tiny houses and glamping to breathe new life into the local visitor economy and create new business opportunities. More information available here.

Register here for the forum on 6th June.

Future of Orbost & District Project Governance Group – One Vacancy for a Community Representative - April 2024

Due to extended travel of a long serving community member, one vacancy now exists for a community representative from Orbost and District to join the Future of Orbost & District Governance Group. Expressions of Interest are now called and remain open until Friday 3 May 2024. More details here - including how to apply.

Field to factory – exploring opportunities in local cheese making - April 2024

From field to factory, a small group of Orbost and District farmers recently had an inspiring visit to Maffra Cheese. The visit was part of the activities of the Future of Orbost & District Project’s Agricultural Innovation Working Group which has a keen interest in exploring opportunities to value-add local produce. Read more here.

Orbost and District Bioenergy Circular Economy Options - April 2024

An evaluation of biomass in the Orbost region, to establish where circular economy projects may be viable, has recently concluded. Circular economy strategies aim to recover and utilize organic waste as valuable resources, contributing to sustainability and reducing environmental impacts.

A full audit of available local biomass feedstocks was undertaken, including volumes, types, and locations. The audit focussed on organic ‘waste streams’ from the district’s agribusiness, food service and retail, health care, wastewater, and gas sectors. Read more here.

Optimising water availability for agriculture in Orbost & District - April 2024

The Future of Orbost & District Project is exploring the peaks and troughs of water demand and availability across the district, and why some farmers and landholders are simply not utilising their water entitlements. Optimising water access and security is considered an important opportunity for supporting sustainable growth, innovation, and diversification in the region’s significant agriculture sector. Read more here.

Future of Orbost Project welcomes new members to Governance Group - March 2024

Four new community members will join other community members to strengthen community decision-making and strategy development on the Future of Orbost Project Governance Group. Read more here.

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